24 Ways Your Church Can Use Periscope


I’m late to the party…there are quite a few posts out there about ways¬†churches could and should be using Periscope. Nevertheless, here is my list of ways churches can use Periscope for ministry…

1. Pastoral Q&A

Put a pastor in front of the camera and let ’em take questions. Simple but effective.

2. Behind The Scenes

Show your folks a glimpse of what’s happening “behind the scenes.” Staff meetings, committee meetings, stage design in process, band rehearsal, etc.

3. Volunteer Spotlight

Pick a volunteer and interview them about what they love about serving. You might just see a bump in volunteerism.

4. Bible Teaching

Go old school Sunday School style and lay down a biblical teaching scope.

5. Fund Raising

Be careful with this one…Periscope might be a good way to help with storytelling: show people what their giving goes toward. Get at the heart of giving and you might see folks willing to give more.

6. Practical Teaching

Why not use Periscope to do quick practical tips. Examples could include, “How to start a family bible study,” “5 quick tips to better serve your spouse,” etc.

7. On-location At Events

Give parents a glimpse of what’s happening at youth summer camp, for example.

8. Guest FYI’s

Speak to things newcomers might want to know about your church (i.e. where to park, how to check in their kids, where to get coffee, etc.).

9. Event Promotion

Don’t over-do it with this one…but you can jump in front of the camera and talk about why someone should attend an upcoming event.

10. New Ministries

Starting a new motorcycle ministry at your church? Get the leader to share about it in a scope.

11. Daily Devotions

Have a pastor jump on first thing every morning and share a short devotion that people can tune in to. The 24 hour playback of Periscope works well for this format.

12. Sermon Preview

Give people a little preview of what the sermon is going to be about to get them hyped up for the weekend!

13. Research

Speaking of sermons, why not ask people questions on Periscope to make sure you’re on target with where you’re headed.

14. Volunteer Trainings & Meetings

This would be interesting to try: hold a volunteer training over Periscope instead of in person.
We recently had a meeting where we informed people interested in being baptized about the upcoming baptism service. We broadcast it on Periscope for folks who couldn’t be there in person.

15. Surveys

Take a quick survey about…well, anything really…on a scope.

16. Prayer Requests

Another one to be careful with…but if you’re going to set aside some time for prayer, you could jump on Periscope and ask people for prayer requests. You could also take time and pray for them right there on the live scope.

17. Resources

Do a weekly scope where you point people toward resources (online, in town, etc.) that can help them grow spiritually.

18. Celebrations

Show up at a student’s graduation and celebrate with them using the church Periscope account afterwards. Someone in your congregation receiving an award at work? Periscope it for the entire church to see! Heading to visit a family with a new baby? You know what to do…

19. Kids Ministry

Use Periscope to help families know what their children experienced in Kids Ministry this week.

20. Missions Trips

If you have a good data or wifi connection on your mission trip, use Periscope to let your church in on your missions work there.

21. Unnoticed Staff Members

Introduce and highlight the church secretary or custodian or other staff member who works tirelessly behind-the-scenes

22. Church Highlights

This isn’t the tip you’re thinking of…use Periscope to highlight other churches in your area. Your church isn’t for everybody. Why not help people connect to other good churches in your area. We’re all on the same team, right?

23. Organization Highlights

Just like highlighting other churches in your area, you can use Periscope to highlight other organizations that might be beneficial to your church members. Highlight a marriage counseling center, for example.

24. Object Lessons

My pastor is the master of object lessons. Similarly, when you see something that reminds you of God, pull out your phone and tell people about it.

Those are a few of my ideas for how churches can leverage the new(ish) social media tool for ministry. What are some creative ways your church is using Periscope?