Free Coaching With Me!

As executive director at the Center for Church Communication, I get to help a lot of churches sort out their communications problems. I love helping folks get un-stuck. That’s why I’m making an offer that I’ve never made before: Free Coaching

I’m offering anyone who signs up for a one-year membership on the Courageous Storytellers Membership Site a free, 30 minute, ask-anything-you-want coaching session with me.

But wait! It gets better! Sign up to attend one of CFCC’s Intensives, and I’ll bump it to three 30 minute coaching sessions.

What’s the catch? No catch…I want you to experience the membership site and the intensives, and I want to help you get unstuck. That’s all.

So, sign up and/or register and shoot me a message at chuck [at] to let me know you did so and we’ll figure out next steps from there. Cool?