More First Time Guests

Option 2

I’m honored to have been invited to record a video for the online Church Hacks Summit event. You can learn how to make your church into a magnet for first-time visitors without breaking the bank! 

The event is September 27-29 and you can watch it from the comfort of your lazy boy chair.

You should check it out…even though I’m not sure my topic—How To Make Your Church Remarkable—is all that helpful, I’m confident the other speakers will be amazing. You’ll hear from folks like Jarrid Wilson, Todd Adkins, Jenny Catron, Jason Young, Michael Persaud, Steven Miller, Katie Allred, Kenny Jahng, Alejandro Reyes, Tyler Smith, Ryan Wakefield, Michael Lukaszewski, Greg Atkinson, Justin Dean, Jonathan Malm, Malachi O’Brien, Chris Abbott, Steve Fogg, Brian Beauford, Casey Cease, Justin Trapp, Josh Irmler, Daniel Im, Barbara Carneiro, Ben Stapley, Tyler Rominger, and Dick Hardy.

Go Sign Up Now!

Did I mention that IT IS FREE?!? But, not free forever, so seriously…go sign up! That’s $249 in free training for you and your church.

Ok…end of the sales pitch…but, seriously…check it out.