You’ve Got To Get This!

My friend, Kelley Hartnett’s new book hits the shelves today and it’s a good one! I was privileged to be able to help Kelley bring the book to life and if you work in a church—especially in church communications—you need to read it.

It’s called You’ve Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators.

She gives a ton of encouragement, practical strategies, and fun ideas to help you not blow-your-lid and do your job better.

  • How to deal with pastors who don’t get it and ministries who want it all.
  • More than bulletins, greeters, and calendars, it dives into the stuff that’s really taxing: unmet expectations, perfection paranoia, and demoralizing doubt.
  • Laugh more: It can’t all be tough issues and earnest heart-to-hearts. This book is funny.

It’s a pep talk that’s part hug and part first-bump.

Don’t take my word for it, go read the Amazon reviews. For more info, check out this post on Church Marketing Sucks.

Kelley is a dear friend with a great heart for church communicators. Trust me when I say you want to read this book!