Getting Started in Church Communications

Landing a job in the field of church communications can be tricky. There is plenty of information available for the person trying to break in to communications in a corporate or business setting, but how does one go about it in the church world? In this e-book I seek to answer those questions. Originally published as a series of posts on, and based on my 10+ years in church ministry, this book lists resources and tools to get you off on the right foot in the world of church communications.

Whether you’re graduating college and looking for a job or are a volunteer trying to get your church started with a communications ministry, this book should help you get started.

Chapter titles include:

  • Learning The Trade
  • Landing The Job
  • After You’re Hired, Now What?
  • Appendix: Getting Started With Print
  • Appendix: Getting Started With Web
  • Appendix: Getting Started With Video
  • Appendix: Getting Started With Social Media

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