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Hi. I’m Chuck.

I’m passionate about helping you, the church communicator or church creative get better at your craft.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life in the church communications world. I’ve served in the trenches as a communications director, a freelance designer, a college professor, a conference speaker, a creative director, and as Executive Director at the Center for Church Communication.

And now, I want to use all that experience learning the intricacies of church communications to help you.


I teach how to develop simple, yet comprehensive communication plans and marketing strategies that allow them to accomplish their mission.


I help individuals figure out where they are going and how to steer the big church communications ship in order to lead more effectively in their role.



I work with churches to have conversations that get them unstuck in their communications and marketing processes and to help them be effective.

Let’s Work Together!

I’d love to get to know you. If you’d like to work together – or just want more info about me as a teacher/speaker, consultant, or coach – let’s chat. Complete the info below and I’ll be in touch!

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A New Social Media Resource

My friends, Jonathan Malm and Joe Cavazos, have created a new resource - - to serve churches and church communicators. For $5 per month (prices go up in September...lock in your price today), you can download an unlimited number of their social media...

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A Few Bulletin Alternatives

Is your church ready to dump the printed bulletin? Concerned with how you’re going to tell folks about your events and programs. Here are a few ideas for bulletin alternatives.

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When Your Vision Is Challenged

I believe God gives everyone a vision for their life. Not necessarily the same kind of visions God gives in the Bible…the burning bush kind, but rather a calling. A vision for your work, or home life, or ministry.

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